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School Architecture Services

Our architecture services exclusively for school projects at reduced market prices while delivering exactly as per requirement. As consulting agency, we formulate the requirements of a project which our in-house architects are able to incorporate into their designs and thereby making us a single point of solution providing designing concepts for the project as well as for the infrastructure of your school. Being a one stop solution agency gives us an edge over other consultants as we save 30-40% more time on the working of your school design than from any other design consultants in the industry.

The three stage Architecture Design Process

Master Plan Development Preparation of Drawings for Submission to Authorities for approval Interior Design – Concept and Finishes details, detailed drawings of floor finish, tiling and cladding, carpentry details, wall finishes, artwork,
Concept Development and Approval from clients. Detailed Engineering Drawings Landscape – concept and overall site development services, detail drawings for External area along with soft-scape features.
Green Building & Design Features for a healthy campus. Structural drawings with structural peer review. Development of Sports Infrastructure & Campus Security Management
Detailed service concepts and drawings of MEP components (Mechanical, electrical, plumbing)


Deliverables versus Timelines

Concept Design Includes General Arrangement Drawings 20 days from the date of engagement.
Final Design Includes Preliminary Drawings for Clients Approval 20-25 days from the date of engagement
Drawing for statutory Approval Approval drawing coordination with local architect for submission 30-50 days from the date of submission in authorities.
Tender Packages Detailed drawings for Tender document stage including preparation of tender documents and bills of Quantities (BOQ) with technical specification and make list required for selection of vendors. 15-20 days from the date of final design approval
Preparation of Good for construction drawings Coordinated detailed drawings for Civil, structural, MEP & Service layouts along with interior finishing details. 15-20 days from the date of award of work to contractors.