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About us
Educo Pro is a leading Education Management Services Company. Our business verticals span the entire gamut of education sector with services for Preschools to Universities.

We associate at a very nascent stage and help conceptualize the project considering market requirements.

Educo Pro under its umbrella of services handholds clients from the inception to the smooth operation of a educational institution. Our foucs is to guide clients to understand the business model to be adopted for their projects. Be it regulatory pressures, assessing area demand, enterprise risk, competition assessment, affiliation compliances, infrastructure design or brand projection, we help all to identify the best approach to take matters forward.


A rundown of our Services

  • CBSE, ICSE, and International schools Consulting
  • Feasibility Study for CBSE, ICSE, and International School Projects Consulting
  • Best Architectural Design Consulting for a School Project
  • Acquiring & Divesting School Consulting
  • Consulting Services for Franchise in India and its Strategic Entry into Indian Market
  • Academic Support Consulting
  • School Project from conceptualization to planning
  • Service for Architectural & Turnkey Project of a school
  • An Advisory for a School set-up
  • An Infrastructural and Procurement Advisory Consulting for a school
  • School Brand Positioning & Brand Designing Development Program
  • Recruitment Drive & HR Policy of a school as per the Program
  • School Administrative Structure & Policies & Admin Training Program
  • A well-thought-out Academic Planning Consulting Program of a school
  • Rigorous Training for the Teachers
  • School Operation Support Advisory
  • School Auditing
  • School Affiliation Services Advisory Consulting
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02.We Are Always Improving
03.We Are Honest And Dependable
Consulting Projects
Affiliation Advisory
Turnkey Advisory
Our mission

EducoPro have a clear vision for the future and part of that vision is to establish deep and lasting relationships with education providers across India and overseas to reach our mutual objectives of career mapping and development for our partners. This vision incorporates training, information sharing and knowledge distribution at all levels.

Our vision

While marching towards our goal, we want to develop a corporate culture that is focused on customer, teamwork, speed and agility and accountability. We do not want to merely satisfy our customers, we want to delight them at every step of their interaction with us.